Artist Info

Me and my daughter Emma.

I’m a professional landscape photographer, living and working in Bend,Oregon.  I shoot primarily with a large format view camera, in order to produce large beautiful landscape photographs.  The large transparency size of view cameras allows me to make larger more intricately detailed prints than are possible with other camera formats, including digital.  That being said, I often take a digital camera along on my adventures as a back up, which allows me to quickly document a scene.  Many of these digital files will work their way into this blog because of their ease of use.  More about me…My wife, Debbie and I moved to the city of Bend nearly 10 years ago, in part because of the beautiful surrounding scenery, which in tern inspired me to pursue photography professionally.  We have since expanded our family.  Our beautiful daughter, Emma is currently 6 years old.  She will be featured prominently in this blog as she is often part of my photography adventures.  If you’d like more information about my photography, please visit my website at


One Response to “Artist Info”

  1. Hi Mike:

    I’m writing to ask permission to use your lovely close-up image of balsomroot and lupines in the gorge on our website. We try to depict the beauty of the Pacific Northwest on our web banners, and your photo would be a wonderful addition.

    Thanks so much. Mary Evjen, All Classical Communication Director

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